Workplace - Get Fit

Every employer is striving for a happy and efficient team with minimal absenteeism. They also want a highly motivated and closely bound team.


Having worked in the corporate sales & marketing services sector, I understand the pressures individuals and teams are under to deliver results.


The biggest challenge is getting individuals to work as a team.


Team Building Activities

Take an hour or two out of your training and let's get your team active and trying out team activities. I guarantee it will really bring them together and will be highly motivational.


Fitness Classes

John Waghorn Training will run fitness/circuit classes for your employees suited to their fitness levels and time constraints. We can discuss the venue possibilities to suit your requirements.


Rewards/Incentives  - One to One Personal Training

Your staff are your biggest asset. Offer them additional incentives/rewards that will also improve their fitness and health. It makes for a great talking point and can be one of the options offered as part of your overall staff incentive scheme.


Fitness/Wellbeing Consultancy

John Waghorn Training can deliver an advice service to staff onsite, at agreed intervals. This offers a voluntary and non pressured environment to discuss general wellbeing and fitness topics. Staff will receive a one to one brief assessment and advice on how best to progress.


Once staff opt-in they will be eligible to One to One advice from a personal trainer to guide them through their fitness goals. Ultimately delivering tangible results by qualified fitness professionals.