Lifestyle is an important factor to discuss so we have a full picture of your daily demands. Aspects including your sleep patterns, stress levels, work-life balance can all affect how we approach your training.



I will look to understand your current nutritional intake. You may be asked to complete a detailed 5 day food diary so we can understand whether your current intake supports your new goals and potential training programme*.


Fitness Testing:

This allows us to gather  information to use as a reference point for future progress. Measures include weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat percentage, lung function, flexibility and muscular endurance. With these as a reference you will be able to track your progress and use the results as a benchmark to monitor your success.


Posture Assessment:

This test allows us to understand how your body moves and helps to determine the quality of basic movement patterns that are necessary for sports and daily activities. It will help to identify any weakness in your body and provides a foundation for your exercise program. These exercises will then help you strengthen weak muscle groups or movement patterns, improve mobility and balance and prevent injuries and improve your level of performance.


Strength Profile:

If you are looking to improve strength then we will look to establish current benchmarks across a multitude of areas. This will enable us to build an effective progressive programme.


Training Programme:

Once I have gathered all this information I can prescribe the type and timings of your training schedule. Each programme is bespoke to your needs and goals and will deliver results.


* Complete nutritional/food diary analysis and recommendations can be conducted in addition to your training programme. Initial Consultation - £120.

Initial Consultation

We  will work together to understand your individual needs, your exercise background and your goals, ensuring they are tangible and measureable.

These are some of the areas we will look at together to ensure a clear picture of your needs and how best to progress towards the results you want.