W:Golf Fitness 

As discussed in the overview of sports conditioning, technique is very important. However, without considering a tailored fitness programme to meet your specific body type, you will hit the dreaded plateau. The golf swing is one of the most complex and explosive movements in sport, it requires a great deal of athleticism, core stability, body awareness, flexibility and endurance.


The key questions are:


- Do you want to shave shots off your score?

- Do you want to be more consistent round to round, week to week?

- Drop shots from your handicap?

- Add yardage to your drives?


These are all attainable.


These are some of the areas we will focus on:


  • Assessing your individual strengths and weaknesses through a detailed golf fitness assessment

  • Tailoring a workout programme using weights, stretching and cardiovascular training focused solely on the golf specific biomechanical phases of the swing

  • Improving your 'muscle memory' so you perform instinctively

  • Avoiding injuries - the repetitive rotational nature of the swing predisposes both professional and amatuer to injury. The assessment session will highlight any areas lacking in mobility or stability which can lead to future injuries. We will address these in the ongoing training

  • I will recommend an appropriate nutritional programme that will optimise performance and ensure sustained levels of energy and crucially concentration


Don't think for one minute that if you are not a professional this will not help. This is for everyone and the benefits this will bring to your game will be significant.


Train at home or join me at my training base at the fantastic East Sussex National Golf Club and Horsted Health Club.


Training Options -

  • Initial Tileist Performance Screen for Body-Swing limitations and functional movement patterns testing session - £75.


Assessment includes testing of:

  • Joint mobility

  • Muscular stability

  • Balance

  • Cardio fitness

  • Golf specific strength

  • Functional Movement Patterns


  • To include video of your swing providing a visual Body-Swing Overview of how your bodies limitations are affecting your swing.


Ongoing Training: 1 to 1 sessions:

  • £40/hour (Monthly upfront commitment at agreed training intervals to suit your goals and requirements)


Junior Training (Up to 18 years):*

  • £120 per month to include four sessions or

  • Monthly upfront commitment at agreed training intervals to suit your goals and requirements at £30 per session (45min session)

        *(Following the initial assessment as above - Juniors £60)


Training Package: Your Takeaway

  • The initial full assessment included

  • A takeaway set of 3 workouts to work on correcting your limitations. To include 2 a hour session taking you through the workouts.

  • Price - £350


Nutritional Analysis

Full weeks Food Diary analysis and recommendations - £250

The cost of training is non-refundable. Credits will be carried forward for future use. (Valid for 12 months)