What the Clients Say?


Rob - 12 handicap

- 'Working with John is inspiring as he challenges you in each session. The programme feels really effective and the results speak for themselves. I have increased my driving distance by 35 yards in one month and that is just the start'.


Maria - Professional golfer on LET

- 'I have only been working with John a short time but he has really helped with my limitations and enabling me to achieve the dynamic positions in my swing . A great coach and really knowledgable'.


Jim - 20 handicap

- "I went to John as I had some physical challenges including slipped discs in my back and neck which meant most of the standard golf lessons didn't really work for me. After several sessions figuring out what I was physically capable of doing John helped me adapt my swing such that I could achieve pain free golf with some consistency. By making changes to my takeaway, position at the top of the backswing and start of the downswing I am now far more consistent. I have taking an average of 5-7 shots less per round which is the difference between scoring 30 points and 36 points on a regular basis. I still tend to drift into some all bad habits given how long I had them for but  John has really helped me to understand what is happening in my golf swing which stops me getting frustrated. Many thanks John"