Golf Coaching

Technique is very important. However, without being screened fully you will never understand why you cannot achieve certain positions in your swing. Understanding the Body-Swing connection is essential so we both know what is achievable and how to best progress your swing and improve how your body could move. 


These are some of the areas we will focus on: 

  • Once your lesson is booked you will need to send me a couple of videos for me to review. See guide opposite for Down the line and face on videos. These can be for either full swing, short game/pitching or bunker play

  • You will receive detailed video analysis with commentary 

  • Facetime/zoom call to discuss the analysis 

  • Receive drills to work on and self screening tips to see if you have body limitations hampering your technique

Price £35 for 40min online session to delve deeply into your game then followed up with Monthly Subscription at agreed intervals payable upfront. Ideal for the winter months.



Step 2 if applicable:

  • Assessing your individual strengths and weaknesses through a detailed golf(TPI - Titleist Performance Institute) fitness screening and functional movement assessment. You will get the same in-depth knowledge I share with all my playing professionals.

  • Tailoring a workout programme using weights, stretching and muscle activation training focused solely on the golf specific biomechanical phases of the swing

  • Avoiding injuries - the repetitive rotational nature of the swing predisposes both professional and amateur to injury. The assessment session will highlight any areas lacking in mobility or stability which can lead to future injuries. We will address these in the ongoing training


The screening can be online or 1:1 at East Sussex National Golf Club and Horsted Health Club. Price for online assessment - £65. 1:1 in the gym - £80 (see Strength & Conditioning page for more)


T&C's: The cost of training is non-refundable. Credits will be carried forward for future use. (Valid for 12 months)