Personal Training


A healthier body  starts with a positive and stronger mental outlook - 'self belief'. You will develop habits that empower you to achieve amazing results.


I treat everyone as an individual and as such, develop a bespoke personal training programme to achieve your goals. You will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions and constant guidance to ensure you reach your potential. I will conduct some initial tests to form a benchmark to measure your success. From there, I will create a bespoke programme specifically for you.


I will then guide you through the programme, including your nutritional requirements and lifestyle, as well as training both within the gym environment and outside.


In order to keep you challenged and motivated, I will integrate a wide range of disciplines and methods, including all aspects of your fitness - strength, endurance, stretching, and cardiovascular exercise. This will ensure a balanced approach to suit your particular needs and goals.


I'm realistic about the demands daily life throw your way, so will be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate you.


Get in touch to discuss the various training options available.


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Training Options

- Free initial consultation to discuss training either face to face or via video call.

- You can purchase blocks of sessions (typically 5 & 10 sessions blocks)

- Pay monthly

- Purchase gift vouchers

- Train with friends or colleaugues and split the session cost


Personal Training

Hourly charge is £40.

Initial Fitness Assessment and Goal Setting Session - £50 (1.5 Hours)


Nutritional Analysis

Full weeks Food Diary analysis and recommendations - £120