As discussed in the overview of sports conditioning technique is very important, but without considering a tailored fitness programme to meet your specific body type needs you will hit the dreaded plateau.


The key questions are:


- Do you want to shave 5 shots off your score?

- Do you want to be more consistent round to round, week to week?

- Drop ten shots from your handicap?

- Add 20 yards or more to your drives?


These are not dreams and are all certainly attainable.


These are some of the areas we will focus on:


- I will assess your individual strengths and weaknesses

-Tailor a workout programme using weights, stretching and cardiovascular training

- I want to improve your 'muscle memory'

- Avoid you incurring injuries

- Ensureyou optimise your performance with good nutrition

- We will focus on the mental muscle as well


Don't think for one minute that if you are not a professional this will not help or I don't need to think about it! This is for everyone...The benefits this will bring to your game will be significant.