Pre-Round Warm Up - Full Body Mobilising


Get your body and neuromuscular system primed for producing some solid golf swings.

Standing in a mid-iron golf stance with your 6-7 iron in front of you and using a wide grip, look down at an imaginary ball. Maintain nice relaxed arms with no tension in your griping of the club. Begin rotating your upper body as you would in your takeaway, shifting your weight into your right leg and no more than a three quarter backswing position.

Next, rotate through as you would in a normal swing, rotating the left hip out of the way (don’t slide your hips). Finish with your weight on your left leg and your right foot starting to lift onto the toe. Immediately swing into the backswing position. Repeat 10-12 times.

Finally complete 5-6 golf swings holding the club as normal by the grip. Ensure you finish each swing with your weight on your left side and a 2 second hold on your finish of the follow through. Fitting this into your weekly round may sound difficult to do but think of the avoidable injuries that will hamper your ability to play in the future if you don’t incorporate your warm up. You will notice an improvement in your performance if you stick to it and a smoother start to your first few holes.


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